When: April 17th – May 7th

Entry Fee: $10 entry fee

Win two or more categories and double your money, lose 2 or more and it goes to the Mikes Corner Fund (where we will mount the AED).

Part 1 | Points

Paleo Rules:

  • 3 points per day for strict paleo.
  • 2 points per day for paleo with Rice, Beans, or Dairy.
  • 0 Points per day if any Bread, Added Sugar, Grains, etc.
  • 1 point per day per workout. (Max 5 CrossFit workouts per week or 10 total workouts)
  • 1 point per day for vitamins, fish oil, etc.
  • -1 point for every alcoholic beverage. (It’s only 3 weeks!)

Part 2 | Weight

You will weigh in on day 1 and day 22. It will be total lost weight. We will also accept total gained if it applies to you (ask a coach).

Part 3 | Head to Head Battle with your Coach

We will provide multiple workouts with scales to level the playing field. We will also be accepting “reasonable” challenges for the workout. “I will not be squaring up with Joe on a 5k” – Kevin