Monthly Rates

  • Unlimited | $170 per month
  • 3x per Week | $150 per month
  • *Any additional family member is $100 (this membership attaches to the Unlimited or the 3x per week only)
  • *Fire, EMT, Police, and Military will receive a 10% discount to these membership options

Student Monthly Rates

  • Part-time Student Unlimited | $125 per month
  • Full-time Student Unlimited | $99 per month
  • High School Student | $75 per month


  • Unlimited | $69 per month
  • *Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6pm. As well as Saturday at 8am.


  • On-Ramp Rate | $60
  • *4 classes held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm.

Drop-in Rates

  • Drop-in Class Fee | $20
  • Student, Fire, EMT, Police, and Military | $15
  • *Drop-in option is only for experienced CrossFitters
intro background


Come to one of our Intro classes! We have two classes every week on Tuesday at 6pm and Saturday at 8am. Please fill out the form (here) so we can expect you.

The intro session is a CrossFit Free Trial. We will take you through the gym and give you a trial run of what CrossFit feels like. This session will provide the opportunity to observe the way you move and your general physical condition. It is your time to ask questions and learn as much as you can about this program before entering into a group environment. During the class we will have the chance to talk about and create a clear understanding of your goals, and most importantly what you would like to experience within our community.

on ramp background


Completing our On-Ramp program is the next step. On-Ramp is a two week program to introduce you to all of the movements in CrossFit as well as making sure you are safe and confident in what you are doing. During this time, you will have a trainer that gives you close attention and will take you through everything you need to know.

After completing On-Ramp, you will be introduced to the class workouts. Below is our Leveling System. Everyone that comes here for the first time has a different fitness level. This system is designed to make your journey through CrossFit a bit easier. Everyone starts at the bottom (Level 1) and works their way up. No one is left behind, but everyone makes progress with drastic change!

CrossFit background


Level 1
You start here. This is the time to develop your skills, strength, and athleticism. You are a beginner to CrossFit and are ready to kick butt. You may be unfamiliar with Thrusters, Wall Balls and Snatches, but your attitude will change that pretty fast. Push hard and conquer the task ahead.

Level 2
This is your time to become a rockstar. You need a challenge placed in front of you to smash it like you’ve been doing for weeks when you were only a beginner. You will make serious progress here and nothing will stand in your way.

Level 3
You’ve made it. You are kicking ass and taking names. You have skill that people wish they had. Fighting for every last rep is now in your blood and you make it look effortless. You put in the time and effort to make yourself the best person and CrossFitter possible. Being humble and helping others is what you should be known for.

HPLite background


Looking to gain muscle, lose weight, or just improve your overall health and fitness? Are you a beginner, have reservations using barbells, or unsure if CrossFit is right for you? The HPLite program is designed for you to gain strength and flexibility, improve cardio, and connect with others in your community. Each class is led by a certified CrossFit instructor and provides one hour of training and conditioning including bodyweight movements and interval training (no barbells!). Classes are open to all experience levels and the workouts can easily be modified to fit any level of fitness and skill level.

Please visit the Schedule page to see when HPLite classes are!